We are a family-owned, affordable luxury menswear shoe brand, with a passion for high quality craftsmanship. The father, renowned marriage and couples’ consultant Rabbi David Toledano, and his two sons, Baruch and Issac Toledano, have created a dynasty of LA-based entrepreneurs with strong family values. The company's foundation and core principles are based on tradition and Jewish heritage, combined with passion for dressing in a polished and classy way.


The story of Tuluchi begins in Los Angeles during a time of global pandemic. Rabbi David noticed that because many people were forced to stay at home in a less formal attire, their emotional wellbeing was being affected. He began Tuluchi with the following belief: When you dress like a "king" you feel like a king, and you become the king of your own life. The clothes and shoes we wear reflect our emotional state and our level of wellbeing, and can often provide us with confidence and dignity even when times are challenging.


The way we look on the outside is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves on the inside. Our shoes convey a strong sense of growth, pride, drive, achievement, and aspiration. We believe that when you look your best, you feel your best, and this is what you project to the world. Our fundamental spiritual beliefs manifest in our desire to serve every person regardless of his religion or background. Tuluchi firmly believes that everyone deserves to feel confident and elevated.

We believe that when you walk with confidence you're conquering the land you traverse, one step at a time. Take command of your life. WEAR TULUCHI.